Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mood Raya Sudah Tiba

p/s : si kecik with his new songkon + samping bsama baju tido :)
Songkok - Done
Samping - Done
Baju2 kemeja match ngan mama - Done
Seluar jeans - Pakai yang ada je sbb babah beli dulu sangattt banyak but still babah beli sket..
Kasut - sama gak babah dah beli kasut few sizes bannyakkkk dah..

So babah, make sure baju melayu farouq siap ye..both my heroes tempah baju raya kat Brunei..so doa sgt baju sikecik tu leh fit n lawa as dia xde untuk try kan..
owhhh...capal utk farouq xbeli lagi! ada ke size tah...

list raya utk mama n babah biasa2 je..but baju mama xsiap lagi..n baju babah nnti isnin nak raya baru g beli!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Yup..i hav lot n lot of stories to share n of coz nk jadi memori kan..banyaknya...huhu..otak dah ada nak tulis apa..piccas pn dah ada..tapi nk menaip tu..ya ampun!!!ni la mostly apa yang i nak citer:
1) my labor xperience..
2) my Breastfeeding/EBM stories
3) my baby's health
4) my baby's progress
Sangat malas!!!huhuhu...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rezeki @ Ramadhan

Terima Kasih Allah...rezeki for my lil one..my RF.. My first puasa while breastfeeding...at 1st memang plan to alternate la jgk..but memang plan to try before ponteng la.. 1st few days (4ari jgk la), production quite bad...usually i used to get around 6oz per session..but i manged to get 4oz and up to 5oz je..so sesi pengepaman tpaksa di add..it alwiz been 4 sessions per day..after subuh, twice @ opis and around kul 9mlm...so i tpaksa menambah session dlm kul 12 ke..huhuhu.. But berkat kesabaran, xpenah tinggal sahur..n makan nasi bbuka and sahur..my production is back to normal...mayb la kekadang kurang sket..but i manged to get at least 6feedings (1extra as 1 sent 5feedings to the nursery daily!)...and he is almost 10months!!! Moga rezeki for my baby can last until he is 2years old!! amin...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our future

Since dah berfamily...financial adalah sangat penting.lagi2 since dah ada anak..for our family, it was me yang akan plan n advise my husband on our financial planning for our kid(s) and of coz biler dah pencen..it involves :
1) Saving (Cash & Loan & Gold/Silver)
2) Property
3) Insurance
- Duit gaji bulan2 we will allocate between liabiliti (loans i.e. car and house), expenses (fuel, tol,bills and etc), insurance then saving (cash, future house and future car)
-Beside my salary, of coz hubby kasi elaun kan..n i keep it save in my ASB akaun instead shopping sana sini and dalam ASB, duit hantaran i still tletak dalam tu..rasanya duit dalam ASB tu duit hantaran la kot yang banyak..if x..xdpt tgk 5digit pn kat situ :) *patut mintak banyak2 duit hantaran!! :)*
- Jangan lupa allocate cash saving for ur little one k (for their future lagi2 education purposes la kan)
- Hubby took ASB loan which will expired next 15years with almost 6figures nye digit la :) n mayb can reach that amount if dia xdok guna the dividend...he applied this loan when he was in qatar sbb with that big loan amount, dalam 1.5 year akan sakit sbb almost 1k monthly kot..and we plan to use the divident la nk roll for next installment..but since dia keje luar lagi..so dividend xleh usik..bayar je pakai monthly salary :)
-my plan pulak untuk amik ASB loan short term la kan..yang xamik2 lagi..sbb i decided nk ada banyakkkk cash dulu then baru amik..sbb we need liquid money 1st coz tkt jadi apa2 ke kan..
- This is new for me...i bought these items (dinar, gold and silver bullion) around last May,2011.
- As aqiqah for RF was done on february, and alhamdulillah dapat banyak gak..at 1st i letak dalam my ASB..tah macamana ttiba dok discuss ngan kengkawan n surf2 tenet n tdetik y not duit tu jadikan gold..so for his aqiqah, i sucessfully converted the cash to 2 dinar emas :) and akan pass to him after dia abis blaja n nk masuk uni.. so next 18years..adakah dinar itu akan naik habis2an :D
- And as for me, i bought another 2 dinars, 20g of gold and 250g of silver...so cash sudah almost nak habis..hehehe..
- but for only 3months, let me tell u..dinar increased 10%, gold 11% and silver 9%...
mengigil jgk nk bayar this amount :)
- as hubby keje luar..so we decided to maintain my car only..no 2nd car..no motor..and 2nd car should be either sedan or mpv..as current kete, myvi as everybody knows..bonet kan ke kecik..hehehe..but we agreed that the 2nd car hanya akan terlaksana once myvi's loan is finish..xlama pn lagi...dalam 2thn lagi je..but if tetiba my hubby kena keje kat msia..plan akan berubah :) and if lg 2tahun dia still keje @ brunei..so maybe we plan to buy our 2nd car from there la kot..as murah compared ngan sini..
- have our very 1st home..maybe la it just a condo..and can consider far from my parent's house..as both my sisters stay nearby kan..but we decided to proceed to buy as no down payment is needed..sbb dapat discount 11% for bumi... (we bought the house time we were single - not married..confident bakal kawin ni :D )
- currently we only took retirement plan and critical illness for insurance as im fully covered with unlimited coverage as an employee of STMB *delivery limited!!! huh!*
- As hubby also got medical coverage under his company and indirectly me also being covered as well our little one BUT with annual limit..
- plan to take education plan for my little baby..sangat xsempat sbb nk compare n find the best coverage with the lower amount. And i already set in my mind that this insurance is totally for coverage and not for saving...please bear in mind on that..coz sometimes orang expect something in return...and please all parents out there, add a waiver in ur little one's insurance as if jadi apa2 kat contributer (parents), the insurance still continue...
- As dah ada rumah..of coz la need mortgage rite..but since installment umah payable by my hubby..so insurance pun under him la jgk..but i plan to make sure my insurance (life insurance) coverage is up to the initial housing loan. so if jadi apa2 kat me..so hubby ada jgk backup nya..
Note :
1) Why i need future cash for house and car?
- Car is for our next car la of coz..the down payment...
- House is for renovation and at the same time to pay the loan in advance..to reduce the principal earlier than schedule..if you guys know how the interest of housing loan being calculated..than u know la kot...it is diff compared with car loan ok..
2) Bukan nak menjaga kewangan my hubby...but recently..last 2months everything started..all the monthly saving that i planned, i asked my hubby to transfer all the allocated money to me..and i will manage it for him..as every 2months dia punya hometrip..mesti xdapat wat saving..kemana2 tah duit tu..memang xleh jadi..so i have to!!!hehehe
3) Now im happy to tell that im free from debt..credit card debt!! *ptptn tggl lagi 5.5k* i tell u k..dulu i was bad..shopping xhingat dunia..but i boros dari segi beli kain..buat baju..dulu layan jakel..n tau la jakel tu macamana k..almost 3 years gak la duit bonus habis sbb bayar hutang je..n skrg i manage my financial properly...xmo dah utang2 ni..owhh lupa..sbb ada installment gym n spa..n thank god gym will finish this month and spa this november...
4) yup...jangan la amik installment2 ni ok..if ada duit bayar trus..if not it will burden u in future!!! :)
5) As our both medical coverage under companies have limited coverage and we decided to deliver our 1st son at private hospital..everything was planned smoothly..as total coverage only can cover for normal delivery w/o complications (total coverage RM4,500)..and if operate can up to 10k..so hubby need to put aside at least 7k..and thank god he managed to do that and double enjoy as i had a normal delivery!! yuuhuuuu.....so where does the money goes? entah la..ttiba 7k tu xtau kemana..hahahah...sbb tu i hav to take an action to do his monthly saving.. :)
6) this is extra info la..my son was admitted a week after he was born..and the bills was around 3k ok..xmasuk jaundice aritu 1k++..since child covered under my husband's company..quite kelamkabut gak la nk update his details yang xde nama lagi kat HR and ING..memang klaka time tu..hehehe..so make sure u know ur company policy and if possible insured ur child even when they are still in ur tummy k..i will do that for my next pregnancy!!!
Maybe got some more tapi malas mengarang....

Monday, August 8, 2011


Im not going to comment or give any review on the series of supermak ok... *but ada orang cakap RF macam sibaby yang nasha pegang tu..ye ke? xkan? *

I just want to share on how i survived with baby without hubby beside me. And im glad i was successfully survived during my pregnancy and delivery..checkup sndr2...drive sndr2..teringin sndr2 and delivered w/o hubby...*but ada 1 mengidam yang xdapat lagi...makan seafood kat melaka... :(*

But now i nk share on how i managed to travel berdua...with my son...of coz yang g mall tu xkira la..coz selain dekat, dah biasa kot..ni yang long distance pya travel la..

1st when he was 3months..fetch babah @LCCT...1st time nk travel jauh...huhuhu..as i anta dia until his nursery which around 200meters je...agak nervous la jgk!so babah being scheduled to arrive around 1pm++ and i decided to leave home during his nap time which is around 9-10...wat i did, after he woke up around 7, i dont let him sleep..try to play with him until he tired...then i gave to my mum n i getting ready and fed him before we leave

at 1st he's doing good..but kat traffic lite baru kuar SG, leh lak dia nangis...time ni i put his carrier infront means next to me coz at least i can monitor and give him bootle (EBM)...so time ni dah giveup, takut n nk uturn dah...but then i tepuk2 dia..selawat sket...n dia tido sampai la LCCT!!!

yesss i did it!! once babah landed, he called and asked whether i'm with the little boy or not..and of coz i cakap TAK bawak kan...n mmg la babah tu..dia kuar sgt LAMBAT!!!n when tanya, dia cakap buat apa kuar awal2 sbb awak xbawak pun sikecik...hehehe...bila dia kuar n nmpk sikecik laju ok tolak beg..trus amik pic ngan muka xcited :) *this will be his 1st hometrip after my delivery..meaning last jumpa his son when he was 2 weeks n at that time RF already 3months..2bulan xjumpa*

owhh if nk citer pasal APSH ni...jangan la diciter...macam dh 2nd house for him lagi2 during his 1st month..as he was admitted for bronchitis n pneumonia..so keep on follow up la..lepas tu bulan 5 kena admitted la..jumpa doc lagi slalu...adus adus..thank god la APSH quite near to my parent's home.
Sronok tido dalam carrier..if behave mama bawak jenjalan k :)
And yes another thing this supermak did, travel by air with him...yes naik kapal terbang berdua...1st when he was 4months..time ni dia xreti meragam..n i didn't bring my stroller..n just put him in a carrier...owhh time ni memang leh ampu lagi berat dia :)
then when it came to our 2nd journey, it happened last 2weeks, before ramadhan...owhh he already 8months with almost 9kg ok...so of coz la carrier xmampu as bahu ni xmampu..i'm using stroller la of coz instead of carrier and since my stroller is in 2pieces..so pinjam my sis punya je la..*hubby insist nk beli bag carrier for the stroller which i can but mclaren nye stroller!!*
Enjoise la k pic during our 2nd travel to brunei
With boarding passes...we checked in @ KL sentral n took KLIA xpress
*xmo susahkan atok anta ke KLIA*
Enjoying his new xperience
Behave dok dalam stroller..
Happy as mama kasi lepas :D
But during our way back from KLIA to Gombak..i took cab and sangat azab tolak stroller plus tarik bag...uwaaaaaaaaaa...but mama harus kuat as nk bawak sikecik jumpa babah :)
This entry not include yang part i am a very strong mother lagi ni...that one i will share when everything goes well...
And last weekend during 1st week of ramadhan..i volunteer ok balik melaka.saja nak bawak jumpa tok wan n tok ki dia..n KL to Melaka ok lagi..tido as dia kena nab 3 round kat APSH..yup we stopped by at APSH *again* since dada dia berbunyi..yang tensen dari melaka ke gombak..ok la dia tido and woke up bila smpi sungai besi..n dia ok lagi main sorang2 sampai la sentul..dia nangis xhingat punya..so stop kasi susu..then dia ok n nangis balik..just bawak je kete n xleh tahan so stop kat dewan beringin..ok time ni dah smpi SG ok!! then kasi susu n dia dah main2 n letak dalam carrier nangis..i think dia dah penat n boring kot..so dia nangis je la from dewan until we reached home :)
until then...malam ni nak tgk supermak!!!hehehe

Monday, August 1, 2011

Selamat menyambut ramadhan

Selamat Berpuasa!!
this year berposa with my son...and as bf mum...hopefully stock ckup n production xdrop... InsyaAllah rezeki anak slalu ada n sahur harus jangan dilupa..
so this was yesterday..my teringin before posa..owhh this year sangat banyak teringin nk alhamdulillah smua pn dapat :)

Us @ Ikea n sorry for the bad quality of d pic