Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A month

So harini baru masuk opis after a month cuti (Admitted/MC/AL/Compassionate Leave/Unpaid Leave)

Starting ive been admitted due to dehydration from 17th April till 20th April.

Then on MC till 24th of April...masuk la kejap opis on 23rd sbb nak apply leave for next 1 month...

And on Annual Leave, Compassionate Leave and Unpaid Leave...applied cuti smpi this Friday, but farouq Alhamdulillah dah recover..so sending him mcm biasa with tangisan yang sangat kuat...so my UL just 3days je..

He had his surgery on 29th of April...so dengan mama yang x sihat, rasanya kt hospital tu mama lagi kronik compared ngan farouq...

masa mama admitted, farouq ada Sports Day..TQ babah handle farouq sorang2...and farouq pn cooperate and joined program dia even awal2 nangis time babah nak tinggalkan kat aunties...

TQ Babah handle farouq..

my Apple Boy