Saturday, March 31, 2012

Festival City and kids day out

what a boring weekend...parents was not around *again*

so last weekend, we (me n my 2nd sister) decided to go to the new mall, Festival city..

and since my lil bro was he can taking care of hariz while both of us tolak the stroller...hariz tu xmo pgg tangan orang ok...

Location - how to get there!
We went there for not even 2 hours kot..nothing much but nice place to hang out la..lepak makan ke..coz quite peace since xramai orang...

we kids was happily posing and i was the one la of coz brought the camera yang gabak and had our late lunch at secret recipe..

Nothing much to say..enjois with lots of piccas...

RF + Kakak Abang Hariz
*potong rambut mcm perempuan*

RF + Adik Hannah

they all left..miss kak yong dina n kak ngah mia

Posing lagi

with tiger's biscuit..courtesy from hannah :)

Mak Ngah + Hariz

Mama + RF
both of us wearing pink!! :)

Mak ngah taking care both of them

as mama n pak su n hariz went to but CHA TIME..dahaga ttiba

RF enjoying hannah's toy..nanti mama beli farouq xmo main..SIAP!!!

Mama + RF 1

Mama + RF 2


last but not least...with Pak su!!

My lil bro mentioned that this trip will be his 1st and last to festival city..wakaka..yo la tu..

next time kita hang out together2 lagi k..

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Addition

My colleague @ rakan blogger @ jiran workplace...i think she already in the OT room ni..

Good Luck bibie...jangan panik k..kami doakan yang terbaik for both mummy n baby...

Pijoe & Bibie..

good luck korang..

Ali dah nak jadi abang ali!! :)
 and insyaAllah....

sepasang la lepas upload the pic ye bb...xsempat wat baby shower as smua bz kan..and we all going to visit her tommorow if she's ready to accept visitor..mana leh main terjah je kan..who knows if mummy xsihat or xlarat kan...

p/s : gmbr baby akan di up kan right after mummy send the photo k...

updated @ 5.03pm

It's a girl!! with 2.83kg

nama : TBA

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RF - Day Out ; Megakidz, MidValley

Finally..mama rajin jugak bawak my lil boy to playland ni..every weekend keep on thinking..jom la bawak farouq..g GE mall la..last2 i brought him here as its cheaper compared with kizsports & Gym...1st trial and we dont know how excited he will be kita bawak yang murah2 dulu...

Basically megakidz is located at 3rd floor, Mid Valley..details as  below


Lot T-012, North court, 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2282 9300
Fax: +603 2282 9601
Operation hour: 10.00am to 9.30pm

How to get to Megakidz

via KTM Komuter
  • Mid Valley Station
via RapidKL Buses:
  • U66: Pasaramakota – Taman Medan via Petaling Jaya Old Town (Taman Medan bound only)
  • U84: Pasaramakota – Kelana Jaya (Kelana Jaya bound only)
  • U85: Pasaramakota – Taman Paramount LRT via SEA Park, Section SS 2 Petaling Jaya (SEA Park bound only)
  • U87: Pasaramakota – Bangsar Baru via Mid Valley Megamall (Bangsar Baru bound only)
  • T631: Mid Valley Megamall – Universiti LRT – Mid Valley Megamall
via Shuttle Bus Service
  • Bangsar LRT Station
There are 2 options there where :

1) Entrance Fees to Funland - Unlimited Playtime Play as long as you want with mum & dad.

Non-members 2 to 16 year old
  • RM22.00 (Weekdays : Monday – Friday)
  • RM28.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)
Non-members below 2 year old
  • RM11.00 (Weekdays : Monday – Friday)
  • RM14.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)
MegaKidz Club Members
  • Free
Parents / Guardians:
  • Free entry for the first two adults (compulsory stay-in).

2) Happy Drop and Relax Shop Program children without parents & guardians to accompany. Have peace of mind shopping while you leave your child in our supervised Drop & Shop program:

Happy Drop and Relax Shop Program – children without parents & guardians to accompany. Have peace of mind shopping while you leave your child in our supervised Drop & Shop program:
Hourly Drop-off Rate
4 years old and above
  • RM 30.00 per hour per child
Below 4 years old
  • RM 35.00 per hour per child
But of coz i choose to stay with my lil boy kan..and dah bawak kamera gabak besar..harus la all the time wit the camera..and im happy as he was happy and dont bother whether im around or not..seronok tak hingat punya...

So enjois...

After lunch..should be time for him to sleep..mama dah takut if he is not excited n mengamuk :)

 Socks are required in the play area for both children and adults.


have to stick ur child's name

parking area..hehehe

my lil boy.. RIFQI FAROUQ


permulaan..smallest slide

apa kelas mama..saya nak yang lagi best :)



im happy!!n im not sleepy at all..

Add caption

hello dino..RF here :D

Cubaan untuk turun...

luv u!!

sangat happy..lari sana sini..

Hi clown

vroomm vroomm..he luvs stereng k...

my cute sock :) harus bawak ye parents..if nk monitor ur childs..

before we went to the play area..we had our lunch @ Kenny rogers

kumpul tenga :)
Babah ingat mama xbawak his camera..of coz la bawak babah..coz i planned to go here kan..lainly xplan..i uploaded 2 videos of show how excited he was there...i kasi link je la k...

Ok time..kizsports and yu kids k..

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breakfast @ Mcd, SG

since my parents went to terengganu last i decided to have a breakfast at experience for my lil boy jgk..

at 1st akim husna n hubby will join us..but husna n hubby cancelled since ada family nye i went there n met akim je la..

dah la they have 1 baby chair je..n si kecik ttiba nk duduk on my sambil meriba sambil menyuap n sambil si kecik menarik tudung ku!!! wakakka..memang adegan la..rupa2nya nk susu..and xmo ngan akim lak tu..

and he really enjoyed la having breakfast kt mcd..makan hash brown..makan pancake..makan burger sket..heheh..but minum plain water :)

our set of breakfast for the day
next time kita datang ngan babah ye farouq...

si kecik atas scrambler akim..
kaki xsampai ok farouq :)
muka si kecik yg masam as akim amik pic :)

my fren ajak brekafast @ la bodega..but i dont think so la nk bawak si kecik..hilang nikmat nk makan seronok2 :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

almost kembali normal

after two weeks bertungkus lumus..kemeruduman tu happened quite lama jgk..and alhamdulillah..production semakin today short 50ml je..

1st week merudum the difference about 150ml jgk..then last week increased sket production and difference about 100ml...

so today *terima kasih ya Allah*..masih ada rezeki untuk my lil boy...

L-R : morning, afternoon & evening
total : 350ml and short 50ml

just to share with u guys out there...lemak in the EBM...quite thick jgk la..this one i simpan only 1 day je kot..but ketebalan lemak nya..boleh tahan jgk la...

tebal kan lemak dia?


hopefully anak mama naik sket berat nya tu..dok maintain 10kg for few months dah ni..sampai orang cakap nmpk kurus pulak..eventho perut nya ke depan :)