Monday, December 31, 2012

26 months

Its been a while i didn't share my lil boy's milestones..Sorry RF..

- He is currently on 100% on formula milk T__T 
Dan pandai pegang botol..xde malas2 dh...No more mengempeng..the wean off process took almost 2months...started to introduce him with FM then to stop df at night...slowly but not struggle..but pembaziran FM adalah banyak at early stage...he refused to drink FM at home earlier but OK je at the nursery.....i introduced the chocolate flavor at home then the slowly changed to the original flavor...n becoz of this, harus la pampers cepat penuh..hehehe

- WORDS?? can make a statement nowadays! xdela full statement...sikit2 la such as :
Mama nk tido...aloq nak sleep
Mama nak susu....and so on
and xpandai lagi sebut ABC 123 and alif ba ta and cannot recognize colors yet...ABC and 123 kalau disebut akan ikut and suprisingly nampak la kurang pelat nya...but he dont have any effort to say it by his own..
Suggested babah to buy balls yang selalu kita nampak kt play area so that i can pointed out and ask him to give the ball based on its color...hope it will works! :)
Opah ajar...nama mama sapa?? zuraida but farouq pronounced it as jejaida...ahaks...

- He luvs books...can recognize few vehicles as can recognize animals as well...elephant (but called the trunk as, monkey, tiger, cheetah, butterfly, horse and etc...beside cartoon channels, he luv..national geography wild...kan banyak animals dlm tu...

- luvs to dance..and luvs to sing...ada 1 song tu yang xtau apa dia cakap...just2 loghat and became his favourite..."la la la ooooo"...and recently suka lagi sleeq+najwa latiff..."untuk dia"..bila mama sang "untuk diaaa..." and my lil boy akan.."heyyy"...hahahha.....rappers wannabe yo!

- favourite toys? cars and trains..hehehe...boleh siap bawak balik toys car kt rumah my aunty..ishh budak ni..eventho i brought his toys but ttiba trus.."farouq these are ur cars".."keep aloq cars"....main kereta kt umah my aunt..coz it was new to him...his toys mesti la dh boring kan..sama je...hehehe..and since dpt cars baru..bola sudah dilupakan...

- Anakku x suka makan veggie u olls...any tips? but others, no issue..

- ipodless...1month plus dh xmain ipod...which i dont know its good or not...coz ipod kan 1 of his learning tools..berbelah bagi ni.....

- Since he is on formula...he can sleep by his own dgn syarat me ada kt sebelah la..xperlu nak tepuk2..kalau dia tido n tgh minum susu..dia akan berpusing n then sleep by his own..kalau i cuba tepuk2 or peluk2 dia tolak kalau tido ptg, i suka peluk without kasi susu..sambil peluk sambil tepuk2 sambil tgk tv...tup2 dia tertido...

- another way for me to teach him regarding body parts (since no ipod)..after mandi..sambil lap his whole body with towel..i akan ask for his akan kasi hand n lap...the other hand...leg...the other leg..nose eyes la kering di lap oleh mama dia ni :)

- dah pandai minum vitagen...yogurt drinks and etc..calciyum akan di try..last few weeks dia leh makan cheese tu..ada la separuh makan just like that...sweets kureng lagi...bagus la kan!

- asal ada perempuan kt tv is mama...lelaki is atok..hehehe..

- still on stroller...malas jalan T__T and still seat peacefully in his car seat during travelling with me (which all parents should be strict with their kid(s) kn)...just like yesterday dia mengamuk nak duduk dlm carseat siap tudungku ditarik, but who cares...mama wat dek je kasi buckle kan jgk..tegak berdiri xmo duduk n mama tarik kaki suruh ddk jgk..hahaha..last2 dia diam n menikmati pemandangan je..hehehe...

- Mama bought color pencils and colouring book..but mission failed! si kecik xminat..habis rosak dikoyakkan...nasib beli buku murah rm1.50 je..hehehehe

- Pampers mamypoko size XL...nmpk gaya xlama lagi nk kena tukar XXL je..hehehe

- as at now dh banyak kali naik brunei..indonesia and hongkong month kita naik flite ke brunei lagi farouq...yeaaaa..

Konon je...last2 color pencils ke mana...buku dikoyakkan..hehehe

Mama n Son day out to Pavillion

At last..ada gmbr with the christmas tree of year 2012

Excited dpt new toys...

Sudah dibelek2...excited gitu :D

last but not least...may Allah bless you my lil boy...

Review : Mattel-Warehouse-Sale

Thursday morning (27/12/2012) my colleague was sharing that there gonna be 1 warehouse sale...there are selling products of Baby & Children located at Bandar Sunway...few brands participated such as Disney, Ferrari (must be selling the car seat), Esprit (not sure either stroller or clothes), Fisher Price, Mamypoko (the main reason to go) and etc...

Then around sis (yang jauhnya di us tu) bbm-ed me...saying that there gonna be a warehouse's clearance sale..i remembered i accompanied her last few years where she bought few barbies...and i bought some fisher and price products...i thought it was a same warehouse as per what my friend told me earlier that morning...i pun mula check2 and noted it was a 2 different warehouse...and the mattel's warehouse only for 3days .whereas the baby&children warehouse is until next 08/01/2013....

So guess which one i chose? harus la mattel warehouse pn participate ok...and i was very happy, ada cars merchandise as well!! mak jadi x keruan kt situ...dah la pergi sorang2...smpi sesat..nasib jumpa jgk...i was at the ss2 area but i couldnt find the SSTWO mall...dh salah simpang harus la xjumpa..

Parking quite convenience...sng n xramai orang bcoz i think that mall pn xbanyak shop lot bukak...but my advice..jgn bawak ur kids...bcoz the warehouse tu dalam area yang lantai not properly done kot...habuk adalah sangat banyak..those workers pn pakai mask...queue pn agak panjang..i beratur for almost 45minutes ok! huhu....nasib lari dr opis awal..ampun bos :)

Action figures...who do you think these belong to?? RF? of coz no...babah nya si RF..yes en suami yang kaki shopaholic tu :) i mms-ed him (coz 3g quite bad so tkt whatsapp xterima)..the boxes of track from cars tu...kasi mukadimah that i was in a warehouse clearance...selling those cars merchandise...i mms-ed him 4 boxes and u know what he replied???  AMIK SEMUA! 

Saya happy biler dpt husband yang shopaholic dia xbkira...but patut2 la apa yang dimintak yang xde or xpenah ada budget untuk dibeli tu..but en suami ni xpada2 biler nak smua...the action figures tu pn i dh start to q pn...then saja amik 3 of the set n mms-ed him..."ni farouq msti xnak kan"..."eh ni kasi hias bilik dia ni..amik2"...omg!!! "i replied...nasib zurai tnjk 3 je..padahal ada je banyak lagi"..what do u think his respond?
"eh rare collection ni"....and me pun keluar dr queue tp suruh couple behind me jaga my place la...and i thought habis kat situ..tup2 time nk membayar kat cashier pn i lari pergi amik la action figures yang en suami keep on saying suruh amik...huhu...

So sila jangan terkejut with toys i bought for my lil RF...kemusnahan? RM 800++...which i believe kalau beli kt toys r us..can be RM 2k....

All for RF

When i brought in above boxes...RF ternampak..dah la plastik pn yang merah tu je...sikecik ni mmg hardcore minat main cars kan..apa lagi..melalak la...then lepas pujukan..thot dia akan lupa...sbb selalunya distract kejap bukak channel 551(national geography wild) lepas dia excited tgk all wild animals..sambung nangis.."".....sorry farouq...kita akan bukak only kat our own house k...sng mama nk kemas... :)

Melampau kan membeli toys ni...for above tu mmg ada 4 types pn...balun amik smua..n guess what...i bought it for RM20 each...and you know i checked at parkson n toys r much? RM 79.90 each....just like buy 1 get free 3 ok!!! kat situ je dh save kesimpulannya mmg murah en suami rasa x membazir and akan transfer duit untuk cover this expenses...luv u la! :D

and me only akan kasi i gave him the two on left..the Mcqueen (4 faces character) and Finn Mcmissile.....the other mcqueen tu ada keluar suara sayang nak kasi skrg...hehehe...n time i gave him that two cars kecik ni excited ok...excited yg sangat xsabar suruh mama bkk dari kotak....babah balik nanti mama nk suruh babah plk kasi n babah can see his excitement tu mcmana..hehehe

last but not least... :D
Enjoy with your new toys my lil boy no more toys for next 5 years..mama n babah excited sbb both of us xpenah dpt toys beria when we were kids...Luv ya!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012

I went to Big Bad Wolf 2012 ni dah lama ok...baru keluarkan dr plastik2 yang banyak itu so br nk update :)

I went with my colleague after opis hour and reached home around 10pm++...but on last saturday of the fair, i went there again but not buying any books as dh borong previously but bring along my sister, brother and the kids....since i nk singgah rumah villapark nk measure few more since these 2 places pn tagged along la smua....

my 1st visit, at night n weekday plk tu..mmg sronok..xramai orang...parking senang..traffic also smooth je..mmg ada few areas yg jammed but people balik dari keje kan..but around mines mmg ok...but on weekend...phewww...mines pya area sgt congested..parking pn susah..hall pn penuh n ramai org...

but the main advice...sila bawak troli ok.. :D

My 1st experience to this bbw exactly ermmmm..sgt excited but especially at the kids section la...since i ni bukan minat baca buku....hehehe


Top : Parenting+baby food & Motivation
Bottom : Novels yg xtau bila akan baca
and 3 cooking books...hahahha

For RF : these all hardcover books..
so xrisau farouq akan koyakkan and furthermore there are 3books i dh kasi dia baca...and what i can say dia suka :)

Encylopedias + 1st picture books + Story books + Activity books
since this one ada potensi farouq leh koyakkan...i will only introduce to him next year bila i start enroll him to any playschool..

Last but not lil boy RF with his tocang :)

Hopefully my lil boy ni minat membaca just like his babah n not like his mama yang paper pn malas nk

Happy reading farouq...enjoy ur books k...make sure lepas baca kemas..hehe..

Thursday, December 27, 2012



News keep on coming that day..n me was smiling the whole day...welcoming these babies...

The babies of TOP : L-Ujud & R- Kamal
Bottom (SG Gurls) : L - Aze & R-Ina

All welcoming their 1st child except ina, 2nd hero..
1 more baby xsempat nk collage kan...sbb by the time i posted above pic..baru nmpk dia update kt fb...hehehe

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Most important area

I'm not good in cooking...

but it doesn't stop me to have a very nice kitchen cabinet/area that can give me inspiration to

Our condo has a limited space for kitchen area..thus we need to fully utilize the whole area..and to make sure it can fit my periuk belanga...cawan gelas everything that i already have in hand...excited rumah xsiap tp dh shopping for the past 3 years ok...not recently..hahahha...

despite the kitchen area...actually all areas pn quite small as we have 4 bedrooms for our 1100++ sqft condo...master bedroom pn kecik..

but what can you say..we bought this house before me n hubby got married...and of coz kena cari affordable condo je kan..but if i sell it now..we can gain more than RM 100k++...woot wootttt.......

from kitchen to the small balcony (to place our washing machine and dryer machine)

view from dining area..

saya mahu...

saya mahu begini juga....

bersabarlah hati...mari simpan duit untuk renovate our landed house di sha Allah all my dreams will coming true....dgn syarat ongkos nya ada... :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Krismas Day

Kepada semua yang meraikan...Merry Christmas...ho ho ho

mama went to few malls in KL..KLCC, MidValley and also One Utama and seem those malls smua xde BIG christmas tree...

mama n farouq never miss to pose in front of the christmas tree..and i know one mall yang ada...PAVILLION...gonna go there but family in law is coming to gombak in the maybe lepas zohor la baru pergi..or weekend...

until then..enjoy with below pic..farouq with christmas decorations at OU... 

it was a rainbow day for farouq n gmbr mama xde..hiks..

Monday, December 24, 2012

:: RF :: 2nd Birthday :: Celebrations ::

Ingat tak i planned for a few occasions and ada la few yang tak berjaya..hehehe..

#1 : Babah is coming home - Checked!
Berjalan @ Melaka...
#2 : Cake Cutting @ Melaka...Checked

sian kek farouq..hehehe

#3 : Last travel as infant - checked

#4 : 4D3N for our triple celebration - checked! tq berjalan sbb me xde kena keluar duit langsung...

#5 : Cake cutting @ his nursery - no celebration this year sbb mama xsempat nk prepare goodies...

#6 : Genting trip with my family..farouq kena wheezing after we came back from HK..sbb a big NO to genting la jawabnya...

#7 : Cake Cutting with my familia - checked..tq opah for the icecream cake!

#8 : Lepaking with STMBians and celebrate his birthday as well...plan beria tp xjadi..plan nak wat rainbow nya baju rainbow farouq trus pakai smlm which is korang leh tgk auto publish esok :)

p/s : cerita 1st birthday still pending! hehehe

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ephyra Collagen “Unleash your true beauty”

Kulit bermasalah??



Tidak berseri??

Dah cuba bermacam produk tetapi tidak berkesan??

Jangan risau, Ephyra adalah jalan penyelesaiannya

Serlahkan Kejelitaan Sebenar anda dengan EPHYRA! Formulasi terhebat gabungan 9 keajaiban alam semulajadi untuk kulit lebih muda dan cerah berseri...Kesan Cemerlang seawal 2 minggu...ANDA PASTI KAGUM!

This time Oceanlife sedang buat DOUBLE PROMO

start 3 disember, sampai bila not sementara tengah murah kebabom ni meh ler pakat ajak kawan, opismate adik kakak makcik beli toghether2....yuuhuuuuuu

beli 2 kotak = RM 400 ( Jimat RM56 

beli 4 kotak = RM 800 (Jimat RM 112)

if nak beli sekotak harga tetap RM228


free postage lagi...woot woot...

Jangan risau, berbaloi-baloi dengan harganya okeh..

For more info you can like this page on fb EphyraCollagen

Sementara ephyra promotion...

Jom lihat why kita memilih ephyra, kelebihan ephyra and few feedbacks from her lovely customers


Email :
Call/Sms/What's App : 019-683 9981 (Zai)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #13

Trying his very best to show a peace sign...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Akid&Bella's Birthday Bash

Dulu sibuk attend wedding...

Skrg either aqiqah or birthday..hehehe..

So last saturday, we attended Akid&Bella's Birthday Bash @ The Club, Bukit Utama....

It was a simple and kids were crying here n there...why?? bcoz they all were scared with the clown..n yes including my lil boy... T___T and also the birthday boy..birthday gurl pn takut...hehehe..

I met few of my old schoolmates there...and still waiting the photo of 4 of us..and they all were holding their kid..a girl except me..hahaha...*jom yang nak anak pompuan*

TQ molly for inviting us...hope akid n bella enjoy with the present yang tak seberapa tu..

Bella's 1st Birthday & Akid's 3rd Birthday
Both of them are sooo cute..

:: Door Gifts :: Banner :: The foods *kambing golek yo* ::

:: Clown :: Farouq&Damia :: Farouq at the pool ::
After the party patutnya bebudak akan terjun dalam pool...mama dh ready with his swimsuit dah..but si kecik sudah ngantuk..volunteer nk duduk dlm stroller...sbb dh ngantuk n xsmpi 5mins masuk kete trus zzzzz....

next time kita mandi pool k farouq..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1st Muharram 1434H

Selamat Tahun Baru Islam / Salam Maal Hijrah.....

today marks our calendar, our 3rd wedding anniversary according to islamic calendar....

Happy Anniversary hubby...

Hope our marriage last forever and get His blessing and we can raise our kid(s) together eventho with this LDR...

Im happy to have you in my life...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK Laling

Bila isteri tak dapat membebel kat telinga en suami...

sbb en suami xde nearby..and nk call asyik bz je..

so membebel and msg berkali2 thru sms-es.. :)

and bila he answered smpi mcm ni..nmpk sangat malas nk layan sbnrnya..hehehe

sblm 1st msg tu..ada 2 3 messages and few morning calls as reminder...ahaks...

p/s : yang jgn lambat2 k...

Adhoc items that we bought and owhh bugaboo!!

For our vacation last week..we bought few items just before the travelling period itself...major things are :

1) Bugaboo Transport Bag

2) Microphone for the camera

Im lucky that i got the bubagoo bag, that was in stock at mothercare KLCC coz only 1 left and usually we need to order to get the bag..coz we were thinking to buy or not to buy before this..but because of no purpose and i bought the mclaren volo to use as a travelling not to buy la of coz kan..

but suddenly for our trip, hubby said it will be a long day journey of walking and hubby decided to bring the bugaboo instead of mclaren as bugaboo tu mmg comfortable la si lil farouq...mmg sedap la tido..lgpun we went to disneyland.."hubby : kita g disneyland harus la naik bugaboo " T__T and boleh plk jmp mat saleh bwk bugaboo jgk..huhu..dia seronok la kt situ n bangga skejap..hohoho..

Can you spot which 1 is ours and which 1 belong to that mat saleh? hehehe
so me beli la itu bag with the price of RM638 at mothercare, KLCC and just now noticed that bebehaus also selling the bag with the price of RM589!! rugi almost RM50 di situ!! danggg...tu la jadi bila x survey..huhu..

how come i know that bebehaus also selling the bag?? sbb clip for 1 of the big wheels is broken! so harusla bkk bugaboo website and search for their retail locator and found out few stores listed...the stroller still boleh pakai but since to store it inside my car..we have to take off the agak susah disitu..and for storage dlm travelling/transport bag pn kena bukak all the agak susah la en suami last time at the airport nk mbuka tyre yg clip dh patah mcmana nk g legoland ni..kena bwk mclaren je la nmpk nya..hehehe..we dont know how la klip tu leh patah..coz we were putting other things inside the bugaboo transport bag tu..dh save few kg sbb stroller x dikira as luggage :) tp becoz of that ke? adusss.....

itu klip tggl 1 side yg upper tu dh terpatah..
so mcmana nk clip it to take off the wheel? huhu
I emailed to bugaboo service asia..and banyak songeh plk drg ni..requested to have a look at the broken part..kena send picture to them..nak purchase date la..purchase place and purchase address and tel no..and also serial number...banyak plk nk tanya nya..aduss...

so en suami akan still trus cari those infos and email to bugaboo while i will keep on asking bebehaus if they can order it for us and how much it will cost us and when we can receive that clip...

sila jangan nak rosak2 k bugaboo cameleon...nanti kena replace ngan bugaboo donkey!! ahaks...

bugaboo donkey idaman hati :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kindy Hunting

Me n hubby decided to move in to our house @ Serdang...but still continue to reno the house at Rawang...

therefore, need to send my lil boy to a new nursery and alang2 dh tukar decided to send him to  a playschool la..

Since im moving to serdang but nak jgk sometimes lepak need to find kindy yang area my office or area KL..phewww...i have few playschools in mind skrg..and hubby pn ada officemate stay at the same kondo in serdang and sent his son to 1 of playschool in seri petaling..

But if i send my son to seri petaling harus la mmg susah nk gerak morning from gombak..giler jauh kan..they have branch there in Bangsar as well..but monthly fee kt bangsar is different..increase by RM 200 kot..huhu..and furthermore if i send him to seri petaling tu pn..owhh nanti anakku tidak diserap dengan ilmu agama..mama ni dh la xde masa nk decided not to send him now..mayb time dia umur 5 6 tahun ke..then baru la mmg boleh hantar sana meanwhile hantar to islamic kindy dl...

Yesterday i called 1 kindy ni..they have branches kt kl..1 kt bangsar and 1 kt taman desa..taman desa mmg boleh la if from serdang..and from my current office about 6.5km je..and if i from gombak..akan sampai dulu opis so leh punch card dl baru send my son..*planning planning*..bangsar and taman desa pn different RM200..and dah la bangsar pn leh tahan kita pilih taman desa je..the nearest from my office..other playschools mcm jauh..mmg la lagi best but as jauh xde nearby so kita lupakan..and taman desa branch ni pn akan start operasi this new house and new place..hehehe.

and they have 3 times per year for enrollment..January March and Jun..and since hubby said rumah will be completed in 3months plan to enroll him during March intake and leh intai2 dl before enroll him..we see how it goes hopefully rumah siap awal so leh practice stay there over the weekend dulu ke kan...

Now what are my worries :
1) Can i survive staying with my son at home berdua...but since we stay at the condo, safer la berbanding nk stay kt landed house..
    - Staying at the rumah bertingkat2 ni the tedious part harus la bab from the house to the car and vice versa..with all the bags..and everytime do the groceries..huhu..everything travel msti bags byk giler..need to get ready ngan troli..hehe..xkira ttiba kalau hujan plk..and we dont get a covered parking plk tu T__T
    - knowing me yang tak terer masak..will my son get a healthy foods...ok xyah la healthy sangat kan..tapi jangan bagi dia makan kicap+telur je selalu sudah..and he has a BIG APPETITE td kul 7pg bangun n mintak nasi! :(
     - knowing me yang malas bangun pagi..huhu..kinda a BIG challenge for me..uwaaaaa...coz stay at gombak i can leave the house by 750am the latest...if i stay at serdang..ermmm 715am kot the latest...u can do it mama..its for ur son sake.. 
2) Can my son behave yang sangat2 behave..mandi a car with me morning and evening for mayb 30mins for 1 way journey...but if i pindah n enroll him to that choice k! hehe..he just 2 years and 4months by march 2013...
3) and knowing him who has an asthma..ermm...nk berulang alik from serdang to APSH agak susah n hubby discuss jgk..what will be the nearest hospital..and hubby said kita stick to APSH as his paed knows him very mayb that time kena berulang alik from gombak to opis la..
4) As our house at rawang pn dh stat monthly installment..and at 1st thought going to rent out rumah serdang utk cover rumah rawang pya monthly installment..seems like financial kami akan sangat tight coz have to pay both houses! tambah plk cost his playschool lepas ni cuti2 malaysia je la..xde la kot oversea..huhu..

Nota Kaki : Saya percaya kita niat yang baik akan ada pintu rezeki utk kita..since mama n babah kita akan buat mana yang termampu..biarla saving dpt rm500 sbulan pn or less or xde biggest investment is u my to give u a good educations is amanah...mama xmampu nk ajar sampai farouq pandai..balik rumah mayb bz with house and u will spend time with mama mmg la terhad..ngan babah lagi la terhad..early learning education is so farouq pls be a good boy k..jangan wat mama stress nanti :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday RIFQI FAROUQ

Anak mama dh besar!!

Happy 2nd birthday my lil boy...

mama n babah luv u very much!!!..mmuahhh mmuahhh

p/s : kami di HK skrg ni :) from last sunday to today...flite @ 4pm...celebrating our triple celebration + his last flite ticket as infant.. :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

:: RF :: 2nd Birthday :: Planning ::

Planned for a few occasions and hope most if it accomplish la..

#1 : Babah is coming home - NI pasti
#2 : Cake Cutting @ Melaka..advance la..mayb on friday nite..
#3 : Last travel as infant 
#4 : 4D3N for our triple celebration
#5 : Cake cutting @ his nursery
#6 : Genting trip with my family..this one agak susah nk plan coz my parents byk sangat undangan org kawin :(
#7 : Cake Cutting with my familia
#8 : Lepaking with STMBians and celebrate his birthday as well...

 p/s : cerita 1st birthday dia pn xmasuk2 dlm blog ni...i will...will do..but not bz! xsmpt nk collage n select gmbr..huhu

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Durrah is Pearl

Welcome my 4th niece..

All updates pasal si kecik ni..either thru bbm..or thru whatsapp...n kadang2 my sis will send her photo or video la...and kadang2 berfacetime..

See u another 2 years a good gurl..

n sista...please take care of yourself...jangan nk celebrate makan kuih seri muka plk..hehehe..sit up jgn lupa..ahakss...


Dina n Mia...pls jangan buli adik ok...specially mia! hehehe...

My lil niece was born on 5th October...celebrate birthday ngan uncle basiq la nanti :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

:: 29 :: 02 ::

Happy 29th birthday to me! (10th october)

and happy 2 years old my lil boy RF!! (23 zulkaedah)

Sunday, October 7, 2012


sangat dilemma...with my limited annual leaves...hubby's limited approval of leaves..errmmm..

at first we planned to have our triple celebrations at KK+Kundasang+Tip of borneo before our lil boy turns 2 years old...

The pros :
1) family time..bonding time of rf n babah..n 3 of us reunite..
2) last infant ticket for my lil murah la kan his fare eventho last minute purchase pn
3) planned to go during raya haji..from 27th or 28th until his birthday..31/10/ babahnya cuti agak cerah di situ untuk dapat approval sbb mayb ramai balik cuti raya....
4) Cozy n cold place kot...n of coz kk tu kinda a must visit la cuti2 malaysia..

Cons :
1) travel with rf berdua..from kl direct to kk..gonna meet babah kat kk by airplane berdua is not my 1st time pn..but previously he still fully skrg bila SI dh kurang..agak risau disitu :( and since FM pn xberapa nk minum..

Yaa i dont see any cons la if we stick with our current plans... inlaws plans to go to legoland!! the whole family la pegi..since i try nk balik melaka berdua with RF this coming 20th and beside that leh attend my SIL's convocation..i did went back to melaka berdua..when rf less than 6m kot *tak ingat* scary...alhamdulillah dia xnangis all the way kt highway...perjalanan gombak melaka aman..perjalanan melaka gombak la..lps keluar je highway..trus stat menangis..sbb nk susu..n since he was fully i stopped more than 3 times decided not to travel berdua wit RF n my inlaws pn xbagi dah...and since he is almost 2 years now..dh stat formula..dh stat pandai pgg botol..n stat makan..rasanya i can try la kot kan..ahaksss...

so if this 20th berjaya...and if our plan to KK of coz hubby xleh nk blk dah la kan..coz inlaws planned to go to legoland early november.. T___T

the pros :
1) expenses mayb sponsored by bapak mertua ku la *home stay + of coz i xkan drive la + tiket*..mcm trip drg ke USS early this year n i x ikut tu.. :(
2) Bonding time with in laws...
3) as ramai peluang i nk suruh sesapa jaga RF n i leh la main kt legoland tu..and ramai leh amikkan gmbr kami2..hehehe
4) n mayb leh g JPO
IF KK tak jadi n hubby choose to join project legoland :
5) leh panjangkan langkah pegi singapore...g USS plk...
6) n kinda bonding time if we go to spore between rf n babah coz i think in laws mesti xikut pya..

the cons :
1) legoland = panas
2) if hubby x ikut..ermm balik melaka jumaat n blk kl either ahad tu jgk or isnin me la yg kena pilih..
3) terlepas la flite murah for lil rf if project kk cancel..coz hubby leh pilih either kk or legoland+USS...n xtau bila baru leh g kk tu..huhu

but i rasa better KK...sbb if xpegi this time..mayb mmg xkan pegi la for the next 2 years pya la..projek nk g pulau pn lama tertangguh ha.. :( legoland tu brapa sgt je la if en suami nk kena bayar pn if pegi if pergi bertiga boring la sbb xleh nk enjoy main sama2 sbb kena gilir2 jaga RF...

so if KK xjadi n babah choose legoland and me ada la en suami xde la sorg2 mcm ala2 outsider kan nnti..hehehe..n ktrg leh g singapore..ermm but if kk mayb tetap akan ke legoland without babah kan.. T___T

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!!


Last 20-series for my beloved hubby...

Yang...moga apa yang kita impikan *as per what i wished  tepat pukul 12am and sent thru sms* akan termakbul...

luv u and we miss u!

i called him mayb dlm pukul 11.55pm 04/10/2012..sbb our lil boy dh ngantuk giler..sian si kecik mama xkasi once babah angkat call, n mama x buat si kecik saw our raya photo kt keep on " babah"..and me saja bertanya.."who is this *pointed at him*..and my lil boy replied "fayuuqq...aroooq"" so hubby dgr i guess..after 1 minit baru on loudspeaker and en suami pn "farouq...farouq.."..and the lil boy tersengih2 malu..hehehe...comey je..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my hero :) my luv 

From ur luvly wife

and not to forget..ur handsome son! :D
p/s : we are still waiting for the good news :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fashionista... :p

My lil boy terpaksa la become kinda looks like a k-pop style..ber color blocking..and what so eva penangan mama yang ermmmmm xboleh nk follow the fashion due to the increased on weight tremendously*tensen*..selalunya orang update gmbr sndr kan..but me terpaksa ok...please paham ye..TERPAKSA mengupload gmbr anak yang mamanya rasa lagi comey n lawa dari upload gmbr mama yang bila pakai baju yang loose smua..currently keep on repeating wearing those tops from poplook..yang selesa n sejuk itu..*plus leh cover thighs yang besar bak juara T_____T*

and as he has lots..and when i say lots...seriously si kecik adalah sangat banyak baju yang still xpakai lagi..penangan raya shopping x hengat...*this week nk g h&m at setia mall for shopping lagi*

so because of that...i decided to berjalan to the mall ke..makan2 ke every weekend and pakai those newly clothes..pants xberapa banyak...n lately i bought pants from h&m pn yang with age 3y.o *pastikan jenis yang adjustable la waist tu kan* kasi lipat2 saja so leh pakai for 1 year..n mayb 2 years...hahahaha...n mostly his clothes yang mayb dah di pakai 3 4 kali..or smpi mama dh boring asyik baju tu je..akan di transfer jadi baju basahan/baju nursery for those round neck shirt la...*ye baju si kecik ke nursery mostly are from mothercare*

:: Penang :: 17/09/2012 ::
:: Gingersnaps :: BabyGaps ::  Lacoste ::

:: Pavillion :: 29/09/2012 ::
:: Gingersnaps :: H&M :: All Star ::

:: Tanjung Malim :: 30/09/2012 ::
:: BabyGaps :: H&M :: Lacoste ::

Me adalah xberapa suka guys pakai round neck berjalan..mcm agak serabai unless..unless kalau baju tu fit not that kinda fit mcm melekat la..janji x mgeleber bagai..i prefer guys wear kolar t-shirt or kemeja la thats why si kecik pn mostly baju2 round neck xkan di pakai sgt unless baru n sebelum di transfer utk pakai as baju basahan...

p/s : next shopping must be his shoes takut x berbaloi sbb kaki budak cepat membesar... :(

and sorry as si kecik gambarnya banyak duduki di dalam stroller..sbb nya dia malas sng for mama sbb xde aksi kejar mengejar or dukung mendukung...hehehe...