Thursday, February 28, 2013


*Sticky post*

Banyak hutang stories for the year 2012...Below are the summary and nak tak nak i akan update jgk...

rugi sbb amik gmbr lawa2...bawak kamera xnak share...most of it i dah share kat FB...but nanti slowly akan hide those albums pn..

  • Aze's Wedding - checked
  • Trip to Miri-Brunei-Labuan
  • STMB Dinner with arabian theme
  • Yantie's Akad checked & Reception
  • Raya with SG Gurls - checked
  • Trip to Penang & My Brother convocation
  • Triple celebration...a trip to Hong Kong
  • A trip to legoland with inlaw
  • Farouq with giant christmas tree - checked

Before kita seronok mengupdate for activites/stories of year 2013..meh la saya habiskan entries 2012 dulu ek.... :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hit a motorcycle!

Yess...i hit a lady motorcyclist...

It happened somewhere in Sentul...macam biasa i akan ikut jalan dalam...jalan lalu area rumah2 tinggi aka flat mmg akan bwk slow..and jalan tu adalah SEHALA....remember sehala ok!

So before i heading to the main road..i akan turn right..and that akak boleh datang dari jalan tu and was at my right side...seriously it was a BLIND SPOT...sbb terhalang masa i nak masuk selekoh...and i wasnt drove fast pn..dlm 20km/j je kot..or less...and i managed to break la lepas kereta dh agak straight n i can see that motor clearly...

Nothing happen to my i tak hit pn sgt motor tu...or mayb tercium manja je...but kakak tu xleh nk balance kan motor dia terjatuh..jatuh pun slow je...

there was a cik abang blkg kete i...motorcyclist la..n that time i x on the aircond so cermin i mmg halfway that kakak was like, "masuk simpang slow la"..which i guess i mmg bawak slow giler...then i was like...jalan SEHALA kan...then mamat blkg tu lalu n nk tolong kakak tu naikkan motor n sambil lalu sbelah kereta i dia buat bunyi..."ssshhhhhh"...meaning dia xmo i berlawan ngan kakak tu...sbb dia tau i xsalah....obviously! coz sesama motorcylist mesti akan backup each other lagi la yang bawak motor tu kakak kan...

So after mamat tu angkatkan motor tu..*thanks by the way*...and mamat tu pn letak tmpt yang convinience utk i meneruskan perjalanan semua..but before that i dh keluar..n yang x bestnya that kakak tgh bawak anak dia nk g tadika..anak dia dlm umur 4 or 5 thn..n when all happened..budak tu xnangis pn..sbb jatuh yang slow n dia pn xkena hempap ngan motor..just kakak tu je la kaki dia sakit mayb sbb try tahan motor n kena hempap sekejap but kakak tu pn besar jgk i rasa xde apa kot..

Bila budak xnangis..i tunjuk baik hati g tanya..."adik ok...sakit tak"..trus dia menangis...hehehe...drama king..but i rasa dia terkejut lepas motor dh letak tepi, and ada kereta approaching i pn tanya kali terakhir.."akak ok?"...n she replied that she is i pn berlalu pergi la setelah bersalam sekejap... :)

and bila check kereta after smpi opis..tgk xde apa pn kt nmpk sangat i xlanggar pn..smpt je break..just drg terjatuh sbb xbalance smua...

So jalan SEHALA pleasee jangan nk lalu ye specially motorcyclist...and kami as a driver ni ada blind spot bila bwak semua sila berhati-hati...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Your 2-year-old now - Reading & Reading

Reading the same book over and over provides a measure of comfort to preschoolers, who see the familiar characters and plot as an oasis in a world full of unknowns. But there are cognitive and language benefits to re-reading, too. Re-reading helps your 2-year-old connect the words he hears with the pictures he sees. This is an important kind of pre-reading that will be a useful skill in a few years when he learns to read. Hearing the same sentences again and again helps him decode grammar. Your child also gets a rush of confidence when you turn the page and he sees the expected next part of the story: "Yes! I knew that was going to happen!"

Let your child choose which book to read. If it's the same old favorite, mask your boredom and read it once again. (Hey, at least most preschooler books aren't terribly long.) He may well want to hear the same story several times in a sitting. Keep a wide variety of books on hand by making frequent library visits; eventually he'll be ready to switch to a new favorite or expand his repertoire.

Info from BabyCenter

Mama dh ckup membebel at IG...and also twitter yang this lil boy suka sangat sure u follow ur babah yang suka babah suka baca online it paper, news, manga...coz mama paper pn malas baca..novel apatah lagi..hiks...

All the hardcover books that mama bought from bbw2012 sudah keluar dari plastik...and apparently mmg my lil boy suka baca...mama letak few books downstair..and haritu dia nmpk lot more books dlm plastik and semua pn jadi bahan bacaan dlm blek...and last few weeks, menangis bila masuk bilik trus padam lampu...dia akan letak susu..and mulut "mama.....dadybug *ladybug*"...i knew he wants to read books...bila mama cakap..."no tido!!"...then menangis la dia mcm kena pukul....

then mama kena switch on balik lampu n mula la dia amik buku lepas satu n satu...mama xlayan marah...smbl mama just baring tp salah sebut apa my lil boy *sbb pelat* mula la lastly kena mengadap la dia membaca n habiskan 1 round buku...

storytelling - toystory

While babah was around last week...mama berehat n babah melayan :D

Bila si kecik kenal bird aka burung...mcm contoh gmbr kt atas...mama nk ajar eagle la, parrot ke...akan kena mama..BIRD!! *facepalm*  

Same goes to fish..shark ke..whale ke...dolphin mama...FISH..bila mama bertegas and guess kecik ni akan menangis! ek kadg2 sbb malas dgr dia menangis mengada i just ye kan je la..hehehe...

Ada lagi satu...buku A B C...

B is for BOY...dia jawab abam...lately mama kena tukar..abang is what? boy...phewww...
K is for KING...dia jawab susah bagi dia kenal boy dl..sbb kt sini gmbr abang pki ala2 king...
*abam = abang*

G is for Gurl..dia jawab kakak... T___T
Q is for Queen..dia jawab kakak... another T___T

Slow slow...but as usual colors xkenal n payah sangat ha....shape plg terer star je! hehehe..

Bila balik n tgk bsepah kat atas...baru lepas belajar ngan opah while waiting for mama arrives home...ngan opah leh la sepahkan..ngan mama sila kemas...xkisahla kemas tu xcantik tp akan kena kemas letak on top of each other...

K nnti malam karang kita dgr nursery rhymes plk ek farouq....

luv ya!!

mama nk upload video ni tp xreti2 n xjadi2 je..nak upload video yang farouq can count 1 until 10 both in English n Malay!!! clap clap!!!


my lil boy can count 1 until 10 both in malay and english when he is 26months++ :)


p/s : i believe he knows how to count..sbb if tertinggal no 'tujuh' and can continue with 'lapan' and bukan start balik ngan 'satu'....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Difference Between Measles and Chickenpox and RF

There are similarities and differences between measles and chickenpox. They originate from two separate viruses, but can cause a few similar symptoms. Many people worry they won’t be able to tell the two apart because both diseases have rashes, but rash appearance and behavior are very dissimilar. Generally, most people are sicker with measles than with chickenpox, have a higher fever, and have greater risk for complications.

Some similarities between measles and chickenpox are noted in the first days of illness. Both diseases share early symptoms like slight fever, runny nose, and cough. Measles sufferers might report sore throat as a symptom, but occasionally pox can form in the throat, causing irritation.

Some differences in these early days include that measles sufferers may have light sensitivity, and about two to three days into the illness, the fever with measles greatly increases to about 104-105 degrees F (40-40.56 degrees C). In contrast, chickenpox tends to continue to run a lower grade fever, though a few people who are really ill, either babies or teens and adults, may have a higher fever.

The measles rash begins in earnest with increased fever. Usually, chickenpox rash occurs a little earlier and doesn’t follow very high fever. At first, measles and chickenpox rash could look slightly similar. Pox bumps tend to be larger and appear more like bug bites, and then they fill with fluid. Measles rash is usually comprised of smaller bumps that ultimately blend together to create single patches of the rash all over the body.

A measles rash often begins on the face, whereas chickenpox rash can occur anywhere, and doesn’t flow together. Pox rash continues to change too, moving from blister state to open sores before crusting over. The rash associated with measles moves from pinpoint to single rash state. Skin may be dry or flake, but open sores are not present.

It’s true that both measles and chickenpox rashes can be itchy, but typically, pox rashes are itchier. Another way to distinguish these illnesses is that after a few days into chickenpox, many people — especially kids — don’t feel all that ill. They may have mild stomach discomfort, be a little cranky, or have trouble with itching, but fever usually decreases. Kids or adults with measles are sicker. Although both conditions require about the same recovery period, those afflicted with the measles may be sicker for a longer portion of that time.

There are a few complications of chickenpox. Most often, the biggest risk is getting a bacterial infection in one or more of the pox. For measles, there’s a strong risk of developing bacterial infections of many different kinds. Ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, or even swelling of the brain can occur.

One important similarity between measles and chickenpox is they can be dangerous for pregnant women and unborn children. Due to potential for complication, all people with either virus should seek medical care. Doctor care is also advised because people shouldn’t self-diagnose illnesses.

Based on the highlighted facts in yellow color, i tend to believe that my lil boy is having chicken pox..measles is demam campak right? coz i know demam campak xkan ada blister...but alhamdulillah doctor provided ubat gatal to stop him from menggaru...

Last weekend we seek an opinion from doctor and the doctor confirmed its a chicken pox..provide us ubat demam, ubat tahan gata, antibiotic and as well calamine lotion..

Started last wednesday, as usual before off to bed i will change his diaper and go to toilet and brush teeth bila took off his shirt, i found 3 red spots...then saja tanya...

something bite u farouq?

dia plk pandai jawab...a'aa..ants..

and sikecik plk xde demam selsema batuk ke apa...esok nya anta to nursery as usual...then my blk my mom told me farouq kena chicken pox..ada few kids pn kena...since xbyk jumaat anta jgk g nursery...then jumaat ptg nmpk the red spots dh turned into blister..meaning dh berair..ok confirmed chicken pox! 

so i told my brother to standby la if by monday xleh anta nursery...went to clinic on saturday, and doctor told few kids pn dh dtg..i was asking whether boleh anta nursery or doc said it will took about 10 to 14days...time blister tu berair mmg xleh anta..sbb kalau pecah ke apa tu yang berjangkit...but bila dh kering leh je anta to the me dlm hati dh "alamak"....

think positive and xpk banyak...doc pn cakap eventho xdemam but still kena makan ubat...furthermore kalau nmpk dia pasif jgn anta nursery sbb his body kinda weak and takut sng selsema n i just give him all kind of medicines and sapu that lotion...sangat senang skrg since my lil boy willingly nk makan ubat and sng je sapu that lotion..

so yesterday ahad...there is no new pox..yg sedia ada pn dh kering n dh bkudis...and si kecik pn tido sng..khamis n jumaat agak crancky..bukan menangis tp sangat lama berpusing atas katil n cari position yang paling since he is ok...pox pn tgk dh im sending him to the nursery today...

Smlm jgk kami kasi air kelapa to him..pure without adding mom told me to give him air kelapa biler banyak pox nya keluar...doc pn advise suruh minum air kelapa since kena kasi makan/minum benda yang sejuk and air kelapa is one of it...xperlu tggu keluar banyak or mnum pakai cawan buat kasi thru syringe and said it is ubat..laju je nganga... :)

In Sha Allah semuanya ok...mayb mmg rezeki dia pox xkeluar banyak..or mayb later baru keluar..but who knows and thanks sbb bukan skrg since mama xleh cuti..after 28hb good k farouq...


Just merah before berair..and only those spots je yang naik
RF with calamine lotion

Cheeky boy...ada few kt bawah mulut 1 kt hidung n 1 bwh mata..

Hopefully mederma can reduce/remove the scar

I read few items can be used to remove the chicken pox scar...i bought mederma and will try it first..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haircut - A' Cut Above

This time i should say his 1st professional haircut..

His 1st haircut experience was at mamak je..u can read it here...since we decided to cut his hair by using the machine tu mamak sudah!! hahaha

since this time ktrg just nak trim n also nk buat style harusla ke a proper saloon kan...and it was our 2nd trial and thank god la dia x nangis mcm dulu...sbb last time lps raya we went to 1 saloon at KLCC *tak ingat nama* and he cried like 1st ok ddk atas kerusi and pakaikan je cover tu trus melalak..hahaha..

lagipun klcc tu x brapa sesuai for kids..duduk atas normal seat n drg letak ala2 small sofa to let farouq seats liltle higher la..n that stylist pn dh pesan if he cries they wont proceed..and he cried!!..but me menghela nafas lega sbb..if not the cost is RM 70!! dh tkedu masa tu..hahaha..

So this time i thought nak potong kt area the curve since my sis told me that there is 1 saloon for kids..yang chair dia pn yg comey2 yang fancy2 yg akan attract those kids tu..but since last week we checked in at cititel and had a walk around we noted ada 1 hair saloon..and to be exact ada saloon A CUT ABOVE..sbnrnya xkisah pn kalau sama je the way nk potong tu meaning ddk atas small sofa ke apa...janji rambut RF terpotong..panjang sangat dh nmpk serabai...n tok ki pn dh bising! :D  

Bila dh masuk dh tanya price smua....baru perasan ada kids area...sangat best! ada 2 seats..and siap ada tv yang pasang channel cartoon...that time they were showing Lilo & Stitch..and believe me..that movie helps me a lot!!! hahahaha

spot the seats...and also the tv! 
The haircut inspired by the fashionkids ...tgk kat sini rasa anak laki lagi fashionable dari anak perempuan and my hubby asyik dok cakap..tu la org dh cakap best anak la yang *fliphair*

yes...skrg tgh aim nk belikan sunglass utk farouq...hehehe...but of coz la mamat atas ni lagi stylo ngan kulit putih gebu ngan rambut xmain la hitam legam mcm asian nya kalau negara kita ni sejuk...bukan winter that leh gayakan the kids with jacket and pki baju lapis2... :)

Ok berbalik kepada his 1st professional haircut...the process took about 20mins..considering his hair pn yg nk trim bahagian atas n tgh..sbb tepi kiri kanan just used the machine..5mins terakhir si kecik dh boring..citer lilo&stitch pn mana dia layan...and i was beside him all the time..kena buat citer tu jadi exciting...biler dia dh boring..

"farouq...there is an has so many eyes..lets count how many eyes it two three satu dua tiga ... "
"farouq..waahhh alien!!"
and so on... :)

sila lihat tangan ku..tgh semangat nk distract smbl bcerita pasal lilo&stitch
abaikan hubby yg rmbt gerbang sbb br mlepaskn ikatan dirambut :)

behave je kan...
and yes...again mama mata berkaca..last time kena ejek ngan my cousin..sbb dia yang temankan..this time hubby plk.."eh awak asal mata mcm nak nangis?" yes me as usual la over...mcmana la kalau farouq masuk boarding school..hehehe...*masuk ke? :)*

The service was ok..
what should i expect kan..eventho agak pendek rmbt dia potong..coz we expected it to be longer la..yg rmbt depan tu..and both side akan menjadi lagi nipis...but its ok..le it grows and kita akan ke mamak sahaja utk trim side tepi tu kasi nipis sentiasa :) so sapa nak bawak budak potong professional haircut or should i say toddler professional haircut.. yes u can give a try..

Price pn cheaper....
at 1st they told us it will cost us RM 40..tu pn me dh blink blink and happy coz murah dari saloon klcc tu..RM 40 vs RM 70 kan...and when we want to pay, they asked farouq's age and said it will only cost us RM 30 je..aissshhh..drg ingat farouq umur 4 tahun..ishhh...anak i kecik lagi k!! you can check the price here...

and enjois the rest of photos k...the stylish RIFQI FAROUQ lol

happy cheeky boy!! mix faces of rifqi farouq

Before and after...

no more kelinting hair..hehehe....
n he looks like abang2 more jambu
and hopefully xde dh la orang ingat dia ni gurl..xlarat nk gurl ke boy T___T

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013


Bila ada pengguna apple yang tegar memerli pengguna apple yang baru....

p/s : saya sudah dapat my iphone 5..we went to miri last week and beli trus kat sana..from celcom and beli device sahaja....

nanti kita belajar pasal iMessage ni lagi ek..sbb td try2 ngan member ada soalan sket..ahaksss...

TQ Yang :)