Monday, March 12, 2012

Scott's Emulsion

I introduced Scott's Emulsion with orange flavour to my son..and he seems like it very much!! and nowadays i can feed him, his medication just using a spoon!! good achievement my boy!! and i hope it last forever and no more syringe..whether this is temporary or not..wallahualam..coz he's not ill/having flu for quite sometime..

Of course we want to see our kids grow up to be healthy and strong adults. So how exactly can Scott’s Emulsion help them to achieve that? Here’s all you need to know.

Orange and Original
How it helps to keep them healthy
Your child’s natural defences are often tested when they’re growing up. But Scott’s Emulsion contains Cod Liver Oil that helps to strengthen their natural defences.

Also contains Vitamin A
There’s more to Scott’s Emulsion that assists your child to stay healthy. It also contains Vitamin A, which is an essential ingredient in your child maintaining their wellbeing.

How much your child needs
It’s really easy to give your child the benefits of Scott’s Emulsion. All they need is just one tablespoon each morning.

Two flavours to choose from
Scott’s Emulsion comes in both Original and Orange flavours, which makes it even easier for you to give it to them each day.

Make Scott’s Emulsion a part of your daily routine
Make Scott’s Emulsion a part of your daily routine and you’ll quickly start to see the benefits in your child. So why not try it today.

When i posted a status that mentioned my son loves fren suddenly informed me that she gave her son the original flavour coz its different from the orange flavour in term of the benefits/purposes...

But of coz la i cuak..coz at least i wanted to know the different i emailed GSK and below was their i guess based on the explanation..there are no differences between Scott's Emulsion orange and Scott's Emulsion original  rite beside the flavor..? 

But i will go and read the label after this or anyone have any experience or study the differences previously... lets share it!!!

Say NO to syringe!! :)


Melissa said...

My arwah Mummy pun used to give us Scott's Emulsion when we were kids. :)

My Love.. said...

now its our turn plk to give it to our kids kan..

shazlinda said... leh jd duata scott emulsion ni..hehehe

swit@kon said...

mak noriah suap aku dengan yang kaler putih. memang elok benda ni. serius. cinta pertama aku la scott emulsion!

My Love.. said...

shazlinda : hebat x?rasanya leh x dapat stock untuk 10tahun??hehehe

switakon : asal aku xingat mak aku penah kasi ke idak..hehehe

bibi yusof said...

Zurai, bb pon ader beli scott emulsion untuk ali.. so far baru kasi once.. die cam tk suke...

anyway, good info pasal scott emulsion.. bb beli je , dgr2 org ckp bagus tkde plak buat research! thanx for the good info :)

zara said...

Dulu saya pun kasi anak scott emulsion tapi bila saya dapat tau COD LIVER OIL sebenarnya tak elok (sebab amik dari hati ikan) .. saya dah stop dah. Alhamdulillah saya dah jumpa fish oil yang tulen .. anak pun suka makan. Pilih yang terbaik untuk anak-anak kita.

boleh emel saya di untuk maklumat lanjut.

Anonymous said...

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christel baguio said...

Can it be taken with other multivitamins?