Friday, June 7, 2013

Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori & his 1st day at school

After we successfully registered this lil boy to BBIM, the new episode/chapter of his life started last Monday…

Before we go to his 1st day experiences, why not we talk about the BBIM itself…feel free to visit their website here 

Their Vision

Brainy Bunch believe that the world can be and Ideal World if everyone follow their true fitrah (nature) through the right education and the right environment. Through Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori parents will get the best of both worlds—a high-quality education founded on a revolutionary, world recognised educational philosophy that is the Montessori “method” while simultaneously maintaining the need for Islamic teachings and guidance as one’s way of life. Our greater vision is to ensure that educating children through the Islamic Montessori way reaches far and wide all over Malaysia and beyond by committing to our mission of providing extensive training for future teachers of Islamic Montessori who are English proficient and of high standards. May Allah SWT’s blessings be with us, Insha-Allah.

Their Mission

Our mission at Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori is to produce a new breed of dynamic Muslims with Al-Quran and Hadeeth as their true guidance in life, and who are able to converse fluently in English. Thus, it seeks to coordinate the efforts of parents, teachers, and community members to empower all students to develop, through education, the knowledge, skills, and values needed to create better lives for themselves and build a more just, ideal society based on Islamic values.

Basically since their branch at Taman Pelangi located at Shoplot it based at the 1st floor…and we need to register our kid during check-in and check-out..and the door is not accessible easily. At least they need to open the door from inside or using access a less worries there….

Basically there are 3 programs available : 
  1. Montessori Pre-School (Ages 1.5 – 3 years )
  2. Montessori Pre-School (Primary) ( Ages 3 – 6 years)
  3. Montessori Elementary (Ages 6 – 9 years)

I share with you the brainy bunch monthly fees as below which I hope I can help those who still thinking to send or not to send their kid(s) to Pre-School:

Montessori Pre-School (Ages 1.5 – 3 years )
  1. Regular (3.5 hour daily/5-day week) – RM 320 
  2. Full Day (9.5 hour daily/5-day week) – RM 580
Montessori Pre-School (Primary) ( Ages 3 – 6 years)
  1. Regular (3.5 hours daily/5-day week) – RM 290 
  2. Star (6.5 hours daily/5-day week) – RM 480 
  3. Full Day (9.5 hour daily/5-day week) – RM 580

 For other Fees as below :
  • BBIM Annual Fee / Registration : RM 1,060 *can be prorated based on the intake
  • Little Scientist Fees 
         a) 4 – 6 years  : RM 200
         b) 3 years        : RM 260

  • Student Attire
           a) School Uniform per set – RM 50
      b) Sports Uniform per set  – RM 50

    • And other yearly activities shall be charged separately as below and during those non-compulsory acitivities, school will be closed :

    1. Sports Day (compulsory)
    2. Solat Camp
    3. Field Trip
    4. Overnight Camp
    5. Additional Enrichment Programmes
    6. Year-end Concert/Graduation (compulsory)
    • Tuition Fees are inclusive of
    1. Regular Program (AM Snack)
    2. Star Program (AM Snack & Lunch)
    3. Full Day Program (AM Snack, Lunch & PM Snack)
    And as well with the activity books, coloring books but keep all these books at school and only by Year-End they will compile and give to the parents to show their kid(s) progress.

    Sports Uniform *School uniform xde size*

    End of the bebelan of the we go to my lil boy 1ST DAY AT SCHOOL

    From Top Left clockwise :
    Having a breakfast
    Wash his hand after had his breakfast
    To calm him down, brought book to the dining area
    Calm him before we entered the school

    Wearing the sports uniform...size XS and kinda fit nicely to him...with new haircut, ermm...dah rasa besar anak mama ni...

    top : during my visit before enroll him
    Bottom : on his 1st day...

    Their Playhouse section turned into sleep area after they have their lunch and shower...anak mama kena tido kt penjuru blek bawah aircond as advised by me since he has asthma..

    top : during my visit before enroll him
    Bottom : on his 1st day during lunch (left) and breakfast (right)...


    Their play area can be their daily activities for learning ( reading,coloring and ect), perform prayers and also running during their freetime...hahahaha

    his 1st day..

    and for above, their playhouse (before turn into sleep area) is mainly for kids below 3..where they have block, globes, story books, puzzle and etc...and it will be the section where they can watch television which usually shows educational programmes..

    i leave him on his 1st day while he is having fun reading books with the teacher...but bukan lari sorok2 ok..of coz dia salam n peluk tp nak nangis but when teacher continues reads the book..trus diam...

    I called the teacher around 10am and the teacher said "surprisingly he didnt cry...just for a while looking for mama n babah"...lega hati mama dengar :)..but that was on his 1st day je..hehehe...

    Left : before to school "jom mama"
    After : muka happy x happy after school..hahaha

    mama as stalker berjaya :D

    So sbnrnya on his 1st day...he was not having his lunch alone..but he was the last one leaving the dining area...and bcoz he enjoying his lunch..but me n my mom were wondering..whether he really enjoyed his lunch or he doesnt know what to do next or he thought he has to finish all foods on his plate...hahaha

    End of day 1 for me and hubby as a stalker parents..we sent him that morning and went to Festival City and  membuang masa kt kedai games..lumba kereta ngan hubby..hahaha...then went back to his school intai him having lunch..then went back home..buat  sket keje rumah..then by 2pm mengintai dia tido plus bborak with teachers on his progress...and then layan movie with hubby at wangsa walk...baru la fetch our lil boy by 6pm...

    how the parents membuang masa while anak at school


    Durrah_is_Pearl said...

    Samalah mcm pre-sch mia, pun pakai katil mcm tu. lg sng kan.xdelah share tilam berpusing sana sini haha. Cuma bwk bantal n selimut sendiri je. Tp yuran mak aiii.. Mcmn nak hntr dua org ni.. Mia n durrah. Pengsan org!!

    nadia said...

    salam..berapa umur ur son ya?? ingat nk hantar anak saya to brainy bunch taman pelangi juga next year umur dia 4thn tp in mcm xtau patut hantar terus kat kategori 4 years or nk try dulu yg 3 years below..

    My Love.. said...

    Kak yong

    Korang mampu punya..hehehe...

    hai nadia,

    my son born on Oct 2010 so beza 2 bulan ngan anak u..i rasa drg pya programm kira age by year..sbb tu i dl aim dia 2thn stgh je nk enroll supaya get used nnti by Jan 2014 yang dia baru 3thn2bln tp dh blaja silibus 4thn kan...

    why not if u akan by Sept ke bagi masa dia blaja before least dpt tgk improvement dia mcmana..

    nadia said... i da mcm error lak, xtau u dpt ke x..huhu..anyway..berapa u byr utk registration fee separuh tahun ye?? Thanks for the great suggestion! Insyaallah will enroll her in september..smlm i ada lalu taman pelangi..dia dkt2 ngn jalan nk ke karak highway ke?? Tq!

    My Love.. said...

    owhh xdapat plk..

    dia kat taman pelangi area nak hala ke duke dia lagi dekat exit ngan jalan ke sentul dari batu muda tu..u pya rumah kat mana? tp pepagi i prefer uturn dari lalu batu muda :)

    aritu i bayar registration fee prorated...drg akan bahagi 12 and darab remaining no of months till mcm u dlm RM 360 kot..kalau enroll dlm Sept :)

    nadia said...

    Ohh! Rumah i kt sentul..mmg dkt sgtlaa kalau camtu! U duduk mana?? I sgt excited nk sekolahkan anak i sbb dia makin nakal kt rumah..hahah..hopefully leh behave sikit lps ni..huu..setakat ni ok yer kt sane??

    My Love.. said...

    dekat la...leh wat uturn je lps shell mhala ke batu muda tu..kalau balik keje slalu amik dia lalu situ..

    and lps amik i akan masuk karak..sbb rumah i kat Sri Gombak :)

    Alhamdulillah ok..cuma still menangis ari2 time nk lepas ke teachers..sbb dia manja kot sedey nk bpisah ngan mama..but ada banyak improvement.baru 1month++ dh kenal almost all alphabet.. :)

    nadia said...

    Wahh! Baguslaa learner! Thnx for ur feedback dear! ;) ada fb x?? Leh i add..hehe

    My Love.. said...

    sebelum g school dia banyak learnt thru mayb xde la benda baru sangat for him..just sblm ni tgk youtube diam2 je xtnjk mcm dia tau..hehehe..

    my name "Zuraida Mansor" kt fb..current profile pic gmbr me n my i kureng aktif sket..lagi aktif kat Instagram n Blog :)

    Hanie Hanafiah said...

    salam kak.. entry yg sgt berguna for new mummy yg 1st time nak hantar anak g skola.. :) thanks sgt.. sy pon nak hantar anak kat sane nant tp nak tanye sket, ape item yg nak kene prepare utk ke skola and item yg tgl kat skola.. risau takut2 ade yg xcukup or xperlu pon risau..

    My Love.. said...

    Salam Hanie Hanafiah,

    xsure drg drg dah open registration ke blum...but if dah open cepat2 tau...

    yang tggl kat school just toiletries je (baby bath & tooth brush&paste)..

    bedak2, minyak smua i mmg ltk dlm beg means mmg akan bwk balik...and towel pn mmg daily kasi..

    and others bantal n blanket..akan tinggal and nnti nak basuh u request to bring home from the teacher la utk exhange..

    hope this explantion helps a lot! :)

    Mama Sya said...

    Hi My Love... nice informative pics u got there! My son attends Dzuliman's playgroup nearby our office, so he goes with us morning and evening. But ramai plak member2 promote BBIM ni so we're contemplating to send him to BBIM Shah Alam, nearby our house.

    Do you have any experience with other kindies before BBIM? just trying to compare.


    yatie said...

    My baby belum msk 2 thn..Jan nnti be sthn lbh,..i need to knw comment/experiece drpd parent yg hntr ank ke playhse BBIM...pls advise tq

    My Love.. said...

    Salam Mama Sya,

    Before BBIM, i sent him to a normal nursery je...i planned to send him to nearby office pya school but since BBIM KL sentral dh ke sana kot next year...

    Hows Dzuliman's Playgroup so far? if ok then should continue je x pe kot...

    Salam Yatie,

    since my son still playhouse below 4 yrs so mostly nak impress pasal english tu agak kurang sbb even aunties pn speak in malay as well the kids...

    I ada dengar bad things jgk pasal BBIM...but tu biler anak dah 4 tahun and above (PreSchool) we will see next year mcmana...

    but as far as what i noticed utk playhouse, part of displinary jgk coz the kids akan makan sndr...and drg mmg ada daily assembly yang akan belajar asmaul husna...alhamdulillah si kecik kadang2 menyanyi asmaul husna even bunyi je fatihah pn dh hafal *tp i mmg dh biasakn baca before tido*..and smlm terdengar dia baca terjemahan doa makan in english :)

    ilyana ghani said...

    where exactly in tmn pelangi..bleh g location x sis

    My Love.. said...

    salam ilyana,

    to be exact x salah jalan pelangi 18, berdekatan ngan kondo One Sentul...dari sentul, kena straight macam nak ke arah Batu Muda, then kena buat uturn after Shell...before uturn tu dh nampak shoplot with Yellow+Green on ur right..

    hope this can help...

    Anonymous said...

    Mine was Brainy Bunch Seremban 2. Salaam.

    Saya syorkan Genius Aulad dari Brainy Bunch. Saya hantar anak sorang di Genius Aulad dan sorang di Brainy Bunch sebabkan play school dia, tapi quality guru mmg lain. Brainy Bunch teacher dia tak berapa nk hormat org, buat endah tak endah dgn students. Pernah tu teacher buat muka bila masa kita hantar anak, masa nk balik teacher sibuk ckp phone, pandang pon tak mcm nak cpt2 nk settle hal dkt pintu dpn tu. Saya rasa mcm anak saya ni barang dkt Tesco pulak..sekali tu dh masuk dlm, takde org attend anak saya. So we go talk to Principle dia Liza n try to tell her how we feel about it, tapi elok2 lah coz tak nak la anak kita pulak yg kena nnt kan..., dia ckp its your fault sapa suruh hantar anak lambat. Then we said la elok2 sorry la we have 3 kids to handle in the morning...Liza lain ada anak 3 org jugak!.....hmm sedih ok when the one we expect to teach our kids behaving mcm tu..god knows apa la she will do pada hari2 yg anak2 kita nakal yeah..tak tau la maybe anak i je kot...tapi sapa tau..maybe org lain kena lagi teruk..wallahualam.

    My Love.. said...

    i rasa tu sbb personally cikgu mayb la certain campuses lain dari yang lain...

    tp i pn nmpk disadvantage for BBIM..but currently that is the only option i have yang sehala nak ke opis...

    but i xpernah dpt principal mcm tu...last time bebudak ada berebut pensil smpi tapak tangan my son luka,tp dia ok..xnangis n x ckp sakit pn..n esoknya dia xdtg sbb demam tp skejap je pagi i malas anta sbb i pn dpt MC (hehehe) n then principle tu called tanya his condition..ingat x dtg becoz of kes berebut tu...

    kita cuba yang terbaik utk anak kita kan...insyaAllah..kalau x sesuai better tukar kot kan..nanti jadi pengalaman ngeri plk utk bebudak tu